Selection of compositions (some linked):

Johsefins dopvals/Josefins waltz

En timme i Ungern (w Mikael Marin)

30-års jiggen


Pang i Bygget

Långt ner i Småland




Ylva & Bosses brudvals


Lilla kulturbidragsvalsen



Interactions & collaborations

photo: Maria Camillo

"Meetings is essential and so is presence and listening"

I met a lot of people during my almost 30 years as professional musician. Some I  hardly remember but some made a severe impact and shaped me.

I've been fortunate to be a late bloom  in my career. That fact has meant that my musical/social network still grows in richness and importance. I've always felt that my musical family has grown in depth and importance. And today I feel I'm a part of a global alliance with fantastic musicians and unvaluable friends that together forms the profound and solid platform I'm standing on. In both a musical and a human sense. I'm grateful for all these meetings and sessions , without those, things wouldn't have been the same. 



Roger Tallroth was born 1958 and grew up in Huddungeby, a small village in the north-west of the region Uppland. Started experimenting with his uncles guitar (Eko) and open tunings at age 6 (1964). First gig at 15 (bass-guitar). Played fiddle for 10 years actively between 1979-1989. 6 years of music-education from 1982-1988 (MFA). Formed the Swedish trio Väsen 1989 together with Olov Johansson (nyckelharpa) and Mikael Marin (viola). The band is more active than ever. 

photo: Mia Marin

Tuning and nylon

Roger first introduced his own tuning back in 90-91 when he after experimenting came up with the tuning that still is his main-tuning.


for the lowest A, Roger blended in a low nylon-basstring among the steel. A winning concept.

That tuning has over the years sat a new standard in tradmusic in Scandinavia and is also used by many followers worldwide. And that special-tuning was also a big part in Roger's unique voicing.

Tallroth's other tunings:



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